My Dish, My Hero!

Thanks to “The Spoon Theory,” many people with invisible illnesses refer to themselves as “spoonies.” Another popular term that’s been spreading all over the interwebs is “dish” – since in the nursery rhyme “the dish ran away with the spoon,” a spoonie’s partner and caretaker is called a dish.

My dish designed this t-shirt for a contest I held on this blog a while back. He couldn’t win, being my husband of course, but I loved the design so much I had to put it in the shop as an honorable mention. He actually owns one and wears it all the time!

I know Thanksgiving already blew by but I just wanted to take a minute to say how thankful I am for my dish. He’s very attentive to my energy levels and pain levels and he always makes sure I don’t over do it. The Thanksgiving feasting left my stomach in knots and I’ve been down and out for the past couple of days. I still managed to help out with Christmas decorating and spent time with family, but without his help I’m sure I’d have just stayed on the couch all day.

Sorry for the lack of “real” posts, I’ve managed to get a lot of the products in the shop updated and I was so excited to share! Plus, with Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, Zazzle’s been posting some great sales. This shirt is a great way to show your dish that they’re your hero, plus raise awareness and support a great cause.

TONIGHT ONLY you can use the code SUPERWEEKEND to get $5 off this or any other t-shirt in our store! Plus 15% off everything else! Get a little holiday shopping done early and save!

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