Invisible Illness, Invisible Strength

A big thanks to Tosha at Bottled Time for the great slogan!


This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for my invisible strength. If you’ve been wanting to raise awareness, now is the perfect time! Use code BLKFRIDAY983 to get this shirt for 50% off! This code also gets you 20% off everything else if you also wanted to snag a cute Do I Look Sick pillbox.

Another thing I’m thankful for are my scars, all I’ve come through, and all the memories. I’d love to hear your scar stories too, so be sure to download my scar meme and fill it out, then send me the link so I can like and comment! Just save the blank image, and edit it in any program from photoshop to MS paint and word!

Take care, and don’t forget to take a minute to be thankful for all you have, including scars and illness(/strength). 🙂

7 thoughts on “Invisible Illness, Invisible Strength

    1. Ummm….I looked and truly tried to understand but I’m afraid no, it does not make sense. Sorry! I’ll try to give some general info though – you can choose the kind of shirt you want – there are womens fit, mens fit, even kids sizes. For fitted tees, there’s a basic women’s fit and some more expensive options like v-necks, longsleeved, etc. I hope that helped! If not I’ll try again if you’ll reword the question haha. Thank you!

    2. Okay, wait, I think I get it, the little pictures under the size options? I don’t think they’re necessarily more fitted, just nicer fabric, different brand, etc. I think they each have sizing charts for reference, but that confuses me. What I’ve found broadly speaking is that the ladies sizes tend to run small, and the brands I’ve bought (many but not all!) have a nice girly fit to them. If you’re a girl buying a plain men’s shirt, however, those run WAY big! I’ve only tried a mens size once and it’s a dress on me, haha.

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