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  1. I have a huge scar on my neck (needed stitches)and one even bigger running across my chest (needed stitches)2 old scars on my left hand one being big the other being small half its size i also have a crooked jaw from when i was rollerskateing and my braces pierced my lips and embeded into my gums and knocked 4 teeth lose they would have fallen out if it werent for my braces my right side of the lip has always sagged down farther than the left after that and food falls out of my mouth cuz im unabale to fully close it i went back to rollerskateing the next day i also have i have large scars on each knee on 2 of my fingers i got small scars and i got gauges then i switched to earings cuz of marshal arts class then finally got rid of the earings i also got a scar on my thigh its small though

  2. Hi. I’m Samantha. I’m 26 right now. I’m 5’9 and 120 lbs. These are only my major scars. I have many small ones but I figured I’d stick with the big ones.
    The first major scar I received was when I was a baby. My mother left a hot curling iron on next to me. I rolled onto it and I didn’t know how to roll back off. I have had a scar on my back for as long as I can remember.
    I have had seven ear surgeries. One of which was major. They cut from the top of my ear down the back of my ear. I had a hole in my eardrum and that allowed water to get back behind it. They drained the fluid out and stitched it up. The hole finally closed up when I was 16.
    I have scars on both sides of my ankles from rollerblades. To this day even if I wear soccer socks and fold them down they still will cut open.
    I have a scar in the middle of my right palm from getting stabbed by a pencil when I was in elementary school.
    I have a scar on my right hand bellow my thumb from my yellow lab getting too playful when she was a puppy. I was 5 and I still think of her when I look at it. From the same yellow lab I also got a scar from when she had a piece of glass stuck on/in her paw and she pawed at me. She cut up my right thigh. That’s the biggest scar on my body I think.
    I lived with my grandparents. They were my parental guardians. We lied about where we lived so that I could go to a good school. We used my aunt’s address. So everyday one of my grandparents would drop me off at school with my bicycle. After school I would ride my bike to my aunt’s house where my grandpa would be waiting for me. I never wore a helmet but that day my grandpa said I’d be grounded if I didn’t. I rode down to where I crossed the main street then I put on my helmet. I crossed the street and turned the first corner. My bike slipped out from under me because they overwatertered the grass. My tires just slipped. I remember my helmet grinding on the cement and trying as hard as possible to tuck my face in to my chest. Luckily my friend’s mom was driving him home and had turned the corner right in front of me. She said she was watching me and one minute I was there and the next minute I wasn’t. I remember shaking and not being able to stop crying which was starting to really hurt. I remember her picking me up off the ground and asking me my address. She had her son go and get my grandpa. When he got there he picked me up and put me into the car. We went to my aunt’s house to try to stop my face bleeding. The whole right side of my face was hamburger and had rocks stuck in it. My grandpa called my grandmother who turned hysterical. Which freaked me out even more. We went home and she went crazy. We ended up going to the hospital. They cleaned out my face and gave me medicine. Also the doctor recommended vitamin email oil. I have a little scary that I can see when my face sweats really bad which is rare and most people say they can’t see it. I got really lucky.
    The next three scars are my last so far. I had a laparoscopy surgery. This is when they make an incision in the bellybutton, on the hip, and very low on the abdomen. I had that surgery to diagnose and remove my endometriosis.

    1. I’ve got the laperoscopy scars too – from three surgeries! Which means I’ve got belly button and each hip and lower abdomen.

      What great stories. Thanks for sharing the good and the bad. 🙂

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