Do I Look Sick Pillboxes!

This is the first of hopefully many cute pillboxes you can get from our official store! I’ll be going through and updating old products with our fancy new url, and according to my recent poll you guys would like to see products posted here, so here we go!

Do I Look Sick Pillbox Jelly Belly Candy Tins
Do I Look Sick Pillbox Jelly Belly Candy Tins by DoILookSick

Simple but elegant. Also, it’ll come full of mints or your choice of jelly bean flavor! Who doesn’t love that?

Now, only ten of the hundreds of you actually voted in this poll, so I won’t call these “product posts” a regular thing just yet. You can still vote below and make your voice heard! Do you want more? Are you annoyed? Let me hear it!

I’m really excited to have my own custom url now, and I’d love to see your support via likes, shares, and of course, the store! Right now a lot of the products have the old url, but hey, that thing still works, so if you can’t wait another minute then buy away!

This blog is about awareness, and while I do make a minimal profit from these sales, the true purpose of these products is to get people talking about invisible illness and raising awareness. The money I do make goes to the giveaways and contests I host. I hope you see that as a worthy cause. 🙂

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