Splash Mountain Freaks Me Out

laughingplaceAm I the only one who thinks Splash Mountain is the scariest ride ever? Or is that the pain meds talking?


9 thoughts on “Splash Mountain Freaks Me Out

    1. Man I’ve ridden it WAY too many times. As a little kid, my parents assured me it was NOT scary and MADE me ride it. Then in high school, my friends assured me that sure, it might scare a little kid, but now I was a grown up and it would NOT be scary. Then on my honeymoon my hubby didn’t even bother trying to convince me, he just dragged me through the fast pass line and set me down in the log, assuring the employee I was fine, really. THEN WE GOT STUCK AT THE TIPPITY TOP FOR 30 MINUTES, looking down the fall and listening to those EVIL MEAN VULTURES….. there was a lot of crying.

      Then dag nabbit, he did it again when we went to DisneyLAND, insisting it was different than it’s disneyworld counterpart. It was – you get SOAKED instead of sprinkled, and it was December, and you know what? IT WAS STILL TERRIFYING.

      I need better friends. And family, apparently. 😛

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