The Spoonie Experiment: Spirited Away

The blog’s been quiet this invisible illness week, my apologies. I was working extra hard to finish the latest episode of the Spoonie Experiment before the week was out! Enjoy!

In a new, original fairy tale from Miyazaki, a young girl looses her parents, her name, and becomes trapped in a strange spirit world. In order to escape and save her parents, she must remember her name, and learn to use good judgment, be brave, loyal, and true to herself. She also falls in love and ends up saving many spirits wandering the spirit world. What does all this have to do with invisible illness? Watch and find out!

((don’t forget to check out the original Spoony one at!))


11 thoughts on “The Spoonie Experiment: Spirited Away

    1. Thanks!!! 🙂 I love this style of movie, although they’re very “different!” Myazaki’s films are all lovely though. I think you’d like “Castle in the Sky” – it’s all about saving the environment and nature vs. machines and chemicals

  1. Totally loved this. And once again… even though you’re talking about invisible illness, it totally relates to grief too. I’ve seen the film, although its been a while (I’m not at all into anime but found this film SO beautiful). I loved the comparison of No Face to illness. Grief and loss feel that way for me too… like this entity that I carry with me every day that no one sees. No one knows that almost every thought each day is in some way connected to my loss. Especially now that I’m beginning to heal some and I am perhaps less raw and able to manage it better. They have no idea what is going on underneath it all.

    I really loved what you said about how we can choose to feed that entity – be it an illness or deep trauma/grief – either in a negative way so that it grows into a monster… or by surrounding it with love. Wow. Sadly, I’ve met many widows who have chosen to allow it to become a monster. But this did make me see in a new way that I’ve chosen to fill this unwelcome grief creature with love. And its helping little by little to help me learn to live a joyful life again. Thanks so much for this one!

    1. Thank you! I always connect so deeply with the things you write, but I never want to say the wrong thing. I’m glad you feel like our shadows are similar. I never want to make you feel like I’m belittling your experience because it is very different, but in so many ways I feel like we’re the same.

      I’m really glad you liked this review and I agree, the film is just so strikingly beautiful. Keep feeding your little shadow love, and raise it as your own. 🙂 I’m glad we can at least walk this path together. ❤ Love you!

      1. =) You NEVER say the wrong thing, so don’t even worry about it for a second! Love you girl, and so very glad we met. Maybe one of these darn days we will actually MEET. lol It shall happen!

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