When I Look Inside Myself



That’s Han Solo about to beat me over the head with a stick.

It seems obvious, in retrospect, to turn to God first, but I have a terrible habit of consulting Him last.

10 thoughts on “When I Look Inside Myself

  1. I’m with you on that one… I’ve been trying hard to practice trust when everything falls apart. It doesn’t seem to be getting any easier to do! Why is it so hard to trust God (and ourselves as being from Him) first above all else?

  2. So true. So creative! Did you “make” this? It’s great! I like it! I have a tendency to forget Him in the small things. It’ s like, well, I know He cares about a marriage falling apart or someone who has cancer, but He doesn’t really care about my struggle with “this.” So I’ve been trying to remember to trust more in “the small things.”

    1. Thanks very much! Yes, I did “make” it. My husband got me a tablet for my anniversary and I hope to do many more comics for my site! I have the same issue with the small things. It’s hard to balance a respect and understanding that God is an all powerful creator AND does personally care about me and my problems. @_@ Very contradictory, but all we can do is try to remember it.

    1. It seems I’m in good company. 🙂

      I wonder if that’s why things keep going crazy – maybe God’s just giving me lots of chances to practice turning to him first. Apparently I’m a slow learner. 😉

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