[ART for a cause] For those with a hidden illness [a sketch]

This is a new blog I’ve discovered recently, and this wonderful artist was willing to do a beautiful piece of art for me. This “Art for a Cause” series is very unique, I’ve never seen anything like it. Please be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to them!

so i wrote

i drew this one for a reader who suffers from a hidden illness and who represents and blogs on behalf of many others who suffer from hidden illnesses such as cancers and similar silent killers.

This piece of art is quite simple, yet has a holistic dimension to it. If you’re one of those who happens to suffer from a hidden illness, do not give up. You’re like a sail boat navigating unpredictable seas but you still have sunlight (hope, information, help ..) at your disposal. Hold on to those and you shall soon find the shores (treatment). Do not choose to ignore the sunlight when it is ever pervasive and leads to information.

sailAs usual, drew this in Microsoft Paint, using mouse (as part of my hobby).

This goes as part of my initiative to draw silhouette-art to create positivity for people ailing from disorders/disabilities around the world —

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3 thoughts on “[ART for a cause] For those with a hidden illness [a sketch]

  1. Lovely! So glad you took advantage of that. I sent the link to another blogging friend, as well, whose brother has advanced Parkinson’s and she made a request, too. Origins of this started with yet another blogging friend whose daughter has EDS like me and he drew her parrot, which just flew away! Ugh. I just love my cat and he already drew one, so I thought I’d just spread this around instead. What a great guy, huh?
    A 🙂

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