Prenatal Vitmans: a Review of 3 Brands

About this time last year, my doctor told me I needed to have surgery and recommended I get on prenatal vitamins for the operation. I was experiencing a lot of the symptoms I’m having now (unfortunately) ((and yes, my doc DOES say I need surgery again! But that’s another post)). I had an extended, unscheduled period. That paired with a surgery that would entail blood tests and blood loss, PLUS the fact that my mother is anemic, meant that I needed the iron. AND HOW.

So my doctor wrote me a prescription for some prenatal vitamins. I happily went to the pharmacy to pick them up, and WHOA, THEY’RE HOW MUCH??

nope sticker shock WAY too expensive

So I went to the Whole Foods where a small Asian woman convinced me that “baby” needed the most expensive brand. Since it was in the double digits (unlike the pharmacy’s) I went ahead and splurged.

baby engrish

I dunno, I guess in a lot of ways having an illness is like having a baby. Only far less rewarding. But that’s also another post. Gotta stay focused!

Anyways, over the year (yes…just one) I’ve tried many different kinds of prenatal vitamins. With the risk of anemia and the often irregular periods, I figured there was no reason to quit taking iron now. Plus, considering the cure for endo, it’s not bad to always be prepared….vitamin-wise. My point is, many people take prenatal vitamins for all kinds of reasons. I’m going to tell you what I think of what I’ve tried so far, but remember that I’m NOT a healthcare professional, and you should always ask your doctor before deciding you need enough extra iron for you and a fetus.

Perfect Prenatal

perfect prenatal all natural vitamins

What can I say? The name doesn’t lie. This was what the tiny Asian woman at Whole Foods recommended, and while it was the most expensive one I tried, it was definitely my favorite. The list of ingredients sounds like a bountiful banquet of fruits and veggies, and when you open the bottle it smells like flowers. They are capsules that you swallow, but the smell and faint taste are pleasant, which is nice for morning sick moms and weak-tummy’d sickies alike.

These vitamins definitely made me feel better than any of the others too. I had more energy and just felt good. Compared to my first surgery on no vitamins, the second with these was a breeze. I quickly recovered from the anesthesia, had little to no stomach sickness, and took only a few days to get back on my feet as opposed to the weeks it took the first time. I can’t attribute this all to vitamins, but they deserve some credit. I can’t wait to finish the vitamins I’m currently on, because I really miss these.

By the way, now seems like a good time to mention that I was not endorsed for any of these reviews in any way – although Perfect Prenatal should really consider endorsing me. I LOVE YOU GUYS. Send vitamins!

Gummy Vitamins!!!1!!1!11!

Okay I couldn’t find a picture of the ones I used. Which is a little unsettling… but that’s okay because there’s really only one important thing you need to know about the gummy variety.

candy gummies nom

They’re tasty and the sugar coating was delightful, but take a lesson in label-reading – NO IRON. I’m sure they’re healthy, but you apparently just can’t gummify iron.

This should also make you wonder what else can’t be gummified, and is therefore being left out of your vitamin.

Nature Made

prenatal nature made all natural vitamins

This is the vitamin I’m currently taking and it’s just okay. It’s getting iron in me, which is the only goal really, but I’m just not a huge fan. The things I don’t like are mostly superficial though, and they do cost less than my preferred Perfect Prenatal, so I would recommend them if you’re looking for a cheaper option. The only important thing I dislike is that they’re tablets, not capsules. They’re a bit harder to swallow, but I also suspect that my stomach has a harder time breaking them down than a capsule.

Some more superficial downsides – they don’t smell very nice and they don’t look very nice. They’re this sort of brown and yellow earwax and dirt color, and they smell….weird.

But hey, they’ve got iron and vitamins at a modest price, so I can’t complain too much.

If any of you ritzy folk have tried prescription prenatal vitamins, I’d love to hear what you think of them and if they’re worth it.

I hope this was useful to someone. I didn’t really know where to start with this whole prenatal vitamin thing and if it wasn’t for that little old lady at Whole Foods who knows where I’d be. So I’m paying it forward.

little old asian lady

3 thoughts on “Prenatal Vitmans: a Review of 3 Brands

  1. Your research is quite good. Most people look at price and no farther. You might want to look at Nutrilite. I’ve been using their vitamins for many years. They’re organic and made from food sources without unnecessary additives. Consumer Labs had us as #1 or 2 in quality and quantity. [A lot of supplements cheat you; either by putting in cheap ingredients that your body can’t absorb, or less to none of the ingredients listed.] Nutrilite has quite a variety to choose from, including Tri-folic Iron. It has iron, folic acid, and vitamin C to help your body absorb the iron. You seem like you’re in a bind knowing what kind of vitamins to use. The site explains about each vitamin. If you’re interested, check out the website: If you want to sign up as a customer, I’ll see about getting you a discount. People have a hard time believing me when I tell them how many vitamins I take. None of the ones I use have a bad taste, look or smell funny.
    Good luck with your surgery. I’ll include you in my prayers.

    1. Thanks very much! I’m always excited to check out new brands. I’ll check it out and run it my my cousin – she’s a Nutrition Specialist at a hospital, and while she works mainly with infants, I put her in charge of my diet. We’ll see if she approves!

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