Tummy Store

When I was a little girl, I was hilarious. And I’m not just tooting my own horn, either. I don’t remember being hilarious, but I’ve seen the videos and it’s true. I was a laugh riot.

baby rachel says
Guess which one I am.

Here’s a few Baby Rachel quotes:

(walking in on mom breast feeding younger sister)

Baby Rachel: What’s she doing?

Mom: She’s drinking milk!

Baby Rachel: (pointing at mom’s other breast) Is the other one apple juice?


As you can see, I’m hi-larious.

I wanted to share one of the most quoted Baby Rachel quotes. Some hippie people might say that I had a strong childhood intuition. Some jaded people might say this is a statement on society. I’m not sure what I think of it, except that it’s pretty funny, and I was so right.

Whenever Baby Rachel did not feel well, she would say:


This is an accurate summation of my entire life.

stomach plush toy cute
Click to buy this cute but not functional new tummy! FOR ME!!! Or yourself. Whatever.

6 thoughts on “Tummy Store

    1. In the photo, I’m stylin in my blue overalls. And I’m actually the eldest child. Funny story – I’m the eldest of 3 girls, and I married a man who is the eldest of 3 boys!

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