Songs for the Sickly

There are a lot of songs on my iPod that I like because I feel they express some aspect of being sick.

Obviously, I introduced you guys to Repo! and the song “Infected.”

But most of my sickly songs are not so obviously about being sick. For instance, another musical number, Facade:

I like the idea of looking one way and being another. This song makes up a good half of the musical Jekyll and Hyde (starring David Hasslehoff!) and that’s fine with me. I have every different version of it on my iPod, and I ALWAYS get excited when it comes on. It’s catchy, and it’s a good allegory for invisible illness.

But there are showtunes that are more obviously about illness. This one, from the Secret Garden, is fun to sing when I’m feeling particularly optimistic ~ skip to 0:38 if you don’t want to hear strange diologue. I like to get right to the singing.

And at this point I bet you’re thinking Rachel! Do you have nothing but showtunes on your iPod? Don’t you listen to REAL music?! Yeah yeah hipster, go hang out with my father. He’s always bemoaning my terrible taste in music. But I do listen to real music occasionally, and yes! I have found real music that relates to my sickliness.

Like my favorite Stones song ~

That’s clearly for the more pessimistic days.

If you need a little pick me up, just listen to Josh Groban love you. And if that doesn’t cheer you up (which I find hard to believe, but okay!) then watch me and my goofy family lip sync it in a video we made for my baby sister when she went off to college ~

But now we’ve derailed from the topic, haven’t we? I still owe you a real song that’s optimistic and relates to illness. Here you go!

Because only you can decide if you’re home sick or having a me party.

What are your sickly songs? Leave ’em in the comments! I obviously need to update my playlist.

7 thoughts on “Songs for the Sickly

  1. I just discovered your blog through Musings of a Dysautonomiac. All I had to read was this post to become an instant fan. I am a complete theater geek who love showtunes!! “Come Spirit, Come Charm” is probably not for everyone, but it always makes me smile. 😉

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