The Spoonie Experiment: Repo! The Genetic Rock Opera

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! May I present the first episode of… The Spoonie Experiment!

In a dystopian future, illness still exists, and big business still has control of healthcare. A seventeen-year old girl with a blood disease ventures on a quest to find her cure, but gets more than she bargained for. How much of its genetics, how much of it is fate? How much of it depends on the choices that she makes? Find out….at the Opera!

((Don’t forget to check out the original Spoony one at!))

spoonie experiment spoony repo

15 thoughts on “The Spoonie Experiment: Repo! The Genetic Rock Opera

  1. This is friggen awesome. The best thing on your’e blog so far (apart from the David Bowie stuff 🙂 ) I like the girl, and the story behind it. I love the that it touches on our topic of invisible illness. And you reviewed this so, so well. Well done! I can see you have a pathway naturally mapped out in this business.

    Is this like a different version of the movie Repo men: ? You know the Hollywood version? I loved that movie. And the storyline is way similar! People getting sick, having their body parts reposed if they can pay (sounds like being held ransom to the US health insurance debacle!).

    (Rachel dear, I want to re-blog this, but I have the new type of wordpress blog (you know? The one that you have to pay cash for?) and I can’t just click the ‘reblog button’, I have to cut and paste, then embed the video too. I also need to say that I have the author’s full permission. But I love this topic, and the creative arts angle that goes with it; oh, and your’e professionalism and analysis techniques in the clip!

    No, it’s definitely not easy creating anything when you have an illness, invisible or not. I have a novel, a poetry anthology, a cookbook ebook (which will be available for free on my blog soon) and my blog itself, which is my professional platform for my writing career (which is yet to take off–but get ready for a ride, Rachel cause your’e gonna love it), but I also have some non-fiction articles and interviews in the pipeline that I have to get ‘Media ready’ if I want them to get onto mainstream media.

    Now, all this, and being ill? Sometimes for 7 out of 7 days? Although this last 4 weeks, since moving to my beach house, in fresh air, I’ve and about 2-3 days out of seven, and I recover much quicker because I’m in fresh air (except when there is woodsmoke, or someone mows their lawn without warning me). So now I have some days where I’m not ill. And that is pure magic! But, I love what I do. and I can see you do to!



    PS: and thanks for your warm congrats on my new found journey towards good health, a few weeks back! (Oh, and I came across this post in my Twitterati feed.)

    1. Thank you for the wonderful comment! I’ll write you a real response later, but for now I just wanted to say feel free to reblog as long as you link back to me! 🙂 Like I said, I’ll give you a real response later, I’ve overdone myself a bit today, but thanks again!

    2. OKAY. First, thank you for the encouraging comment. These are fun to make, but very time-intensive so I’m glad it’s appreciated!

      The movie Repo Men is based on a book called “Reposession Mambo” I believe, and while both stories are very, VERY similar, both parties insist they had no knowledge of the other. I’m inclined to believe it, since I’m a writer and I’ve written a scene and then months/years later seen it show up on TV or in a movie or song. This has happened more than once. So unoriginality, or subliminal awareness of ideas that you conclude to be your own, it happens. In fact, I’ve heard that it’s impossible for your brain to make up a person in it’s dreaming state, so every “stranger” you dream about is actually someone you’ve seen in real life, and your brain subliminally stored their image. Dunno if it’s true, but it’s interesting to say the least.

      Glad to hear you’re feeling better in your new au natral home! And again, feel free to cut and paste as long as you link back here. And thanks again for the lovely comment!


  2. Thank you for sharing this. I probably wouldn’t like to watch the original either based on the violence. I do like the idea of the story and the song about the blood disease. I also like hearing your commentary from the point of view of someone being ill.

    1. Thanks very much! It is seriously violent though. It’s overly violent to the point of being like, cartoonish and it’s not really realistic or believable…but it still grosses me out! Hubby loves scary slasher movies, but it’s just not my cup of tea. Future film reviews will likely be gore-free. 🙂

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