Change of Plans

Today I was supposed to go to the dentist, then come home and update the blog.

Instead my car exploded, and with the help of my mom we towed the car to a little local repair shop after hours. The place was guarded by a pack of the most terrifying ferocious shadow dogs I’ve ever seen.

Needless to say, I’m a little frazzled right now and really just want to go to bed. I was somewhat impressed that I kept my cool about the sudden change of plans and all the rescheduling it would entail, but even though I was able to keep my mental issues under control I’m physically exhausted.

But I feel bad just not updating, so here’s a quote from my best friend Morgan from the night of my birthday when we literally just stayed up all night long talking. I’d just told her a little about my anxiety disorder that we’re in the process of diagnosing and finding treatment for.

“…..huh. I always figured you were just kind of a spaz. But this explains a lot.”

And I can’t do a post with no pictures, so check out my special birthday gift to myself:

orange hair highlights accents punky awesome pintrest

The beauty school gals did a good job after all! I promise real updates soon. ❤

2 thoughts on “Change of Plans

    1. Yeah haha I think that orange fringe in my eyes is the only thing keeping me sane right now. The exploded car turned out to be the bad kind of exploded. On the plus, we got a new, better car. On the minus, we are more broke than we’ve ever been. Like, I’m having to wait until my paycheck comes in to get toilet paper kind of broke. AHH. So I just keep looking at that orange fringe…haha. Insanity or serenity? Who knows. 😉

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