Meme Contest Winners!

Alright, it’s time to announce the WINNERS of the Do I Look Sick meme contest!

First, let me just thank all the amazing entrants! We got some GREAT memes, and it’s going to be great fun posting them all over facebook, twitter, and pintrest over the next few days!

But on to the prizes!

First Place – Lindsay

Musings of a Dysautonomiac

lolz ill

I think Lindsay really captured the spirit of this whole competition. Her meme made me laugh, but the awareness factor stays at the heart. Plus it’s just an awesome picture all around. I’ve been known to pose as a guitar hero myself…

Now, about Lindsay’s blog. Linked above, it is one of my very favorites to read. Though our illnesses are very different, I always feel a connection and a lot of empathy towards her. It’s not just that we’re guitar hero souls, either – She’s an extremely talented writer, and I think she really captures life with invisible illness well – all the awesome, all the not so awesome, all the confusion, weirdness, everything. I feel like I could know her, we could be friends who meet up at Starbucks and just talk – that’s what reading her blog feels like. Definitely check it out.

Second Place – Tosha

Bottled Time


This one made me smile, too, but for entirely different reasons. I love the idea of “Invisible Strength” – may have to steal that one for a t-shirt slogan!

Third Place – Heather

Hello Endo!

invisible meme

Heather notes that she is the lovely girl in blue. I’d like to note that Heather’s in surgery TODAY according to her blog, so prayers and happy thoughts her way!

Honorable Mentions!

All of these are absolutely fabulous, and I want to send out a HUGE thank you to everyone who entered! I think these are going to bring people a lot of joy, and start a lot of good conversations. 🙂

do I look sick meme invisible illness
Sonda at MCS Chatter!
invisible illness meme
Crazy in Pink!
invisible illness meme
Ellen Sykora
invisible illness meme
Mo at Day by Day with the Addison Girl

Winners – I’l be contacting you soon for mailing info so I can send you your prizes! Again, this was SO fun and it was really hard to pick just three winners! Maybe our next contest will have to be raffle style because I loved EVERY entry and wanted everyone to win – really! Good job health advocates!!!

Be sure to share share SHARE these memes, and get the word out about invisible illness!

8 thoughts on “Meme Contest Winners!

  1. yay! i never win anything! i’m so honored to have won. every single meme made me smile – what a bunch of fun, creative followers your blog has! also found a few new blogs to follow – always a plus!

    1. Thanks for entering and super thanks for the reblog! I’ll be getting back to you on prizes soon – in the meantime, check out the link to our store below and start thinking about which shirt you like. 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Musings of a Dysautonomiac and commented:
    I won first place! I NEVER win anything! Those of you who are my Facebook friends will recognize the photo – It’s my favorite “I’m the best pretend guitar player in the world” photo. So grateful to my blogger friend Rachel at Do I Look Sick for the win!

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