Happy Birthday Do I Look Sick!

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What a crazy first year it’s been. We’ve won 4 blogging awards, we’ve participated in a Health Advocate roundtable call/tweetchat, and we were even nominated for WEGO Health’s best in show blog award!

we did it yes baby

We’ve also made a lot of friends. Do I Look Sick has been featured on many other blogs, both health-related and non-health-related. As I type this, this blog has been viewed 14,050 times, we have 88 subscribers, an even 400 comments, 92 facebook likes, 95 twitter followers, and 28 followers on pintrest. If you’re interested in getting connected with us, there’s buttons that allow you to join these ranks at the bottom of this page.

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Except pintrest….not sure how to get a button for that. A good happy birthday gift would be to explain how to make one, because clearly I need one. I know I have more than 28 pinning fans out there.

pintrest dating tip

I’m excited to see where we go next. Being a bit of an obsessive perfectionist, when I look at these numbers all I really see is “not enough.” Not that I’m trying to get famous or anything, but more people have to be informed and aware of invisible illness if things are ever going to change. Really, that’s the only reason I’m writing here at all. I don’t want to hear another story of anyone being treated unfairly just because their needs are invisible. That’s asking a lot, and I know a blog isn’t going to make it happen. From the start, though, this was meant to be more – a movement, not just a blog. Even though I have since graduated, I am still actively pursuing the formation of a student organization at UNT for students with invisible illness. I hope it will spread to other colleges as well (hint hint – START ONE AT YOUR CAMPUS. Call it whatever you want, don’t credit me, I don’t care. Just help people!)

hugh jackman les mis gif let's do it change the world
Da da da, woooo!

This past year we’ve had two “events” in the form of online contests with giveaways. One is going on RIGHT NOW and you only have a few hours left to enter! I said it ends at midnight, and here in Texas it’s 9:17 PM. Of course, if you enter after, it doesn’t really matter. I’m actually officially not accepting any more submissions once I wake up tomorrow and see what we’ve got.

If you want some free awareness merchandise, or you like making memes, or you just like me, please ENTER and support invisible illness awareness!


If you don’t want to make a meme, but you do want awareness shirts, buttons, keychains, mugs, luggage tags, WHATEVER, please check out our Official Store (linked at the bottom of this page as well). All profits go towards giveaways and contests like the one we’re currently hosting, and since what we’re really giving away is awareness conversation starters, it’s a good cause all around.

Thanks very much, everyone. I’ve met so many amazing people through my writing, and I am not only a happier person, but a healthier person thanks to you guys. I’ve gotten diagnosis of some mystery problems, I was inspired to start traveling and blogging about it, and I’ve started transitioning to all natural, organic food. All of that is thanks to you guys and your blogs and your comments and your support. I love you people.

The day after tomorrow, I’ll be announcing the winners of the meme contest, so stay tuned and get excited! See you then. ~

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Do I Look Sick!

  1. Congratulations! You have a brilliant and insanely helpful website and I look forward to many more years to come.

    From a fairly new, but completely addicted new reader 🙂

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