Guess what? January 29th is Do I Look Sick’s FIRST BIRTHDAY! We’re about to be one year old! How exciting is that?

We’ve accomplished a lot in just our first year, and to celebrate, we’re hosting another contest!


Meme Contest!

Here’s how it works:

I’m a big fan of LOLcats and I Can Haz Cheezburger, and if you are too, you know the popular “INVISIBLE BIKE” meme:

This meme has become very popular and has many variations…

invisible shopping cart bike cat lolcat

invisible wlatz partner lol cat lolcat meme

invisible cat lol lolcat meme

And if you want to read more about this strange and amusing meme, check out Know Your Meme’s entry here.

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve wanted to host an INVISIBLE ILLNESS meme contest. It’s very simple: make a meme like these, but about being invisibly ill. If you use the Cheezburger Meme Maker, it’s quick and very easy. Plus I’ll even give you some ideas to get started!

You could take a picture of yourself just looking healthy and lovely, and add the caption INVISIBLE ILLNESS!

invisible illness meme

Or, building on the invisible bike meme, take a picture of yourself doing some funny thing, and caption it “INVISIBLE _____, INVISIBLE ILLNESS.”

invisible beachball illness meme

Or, post a picture of you being awesome, and caption it: “VISIBLE (awesome thing), INVISIBLE ILLNESS.

visibly bold invisibly ill meme

And those are just ideas. I’m sure you guys will come up with some really creative ones! The pictures don’t have to be of yourself, but they should be of someone who is invisibly ill.

To enter, please either post a link to your meme in the comments, or email it to

THE CONTEST ENDS AT MIDNIGHT ON JANUARY 29th, so submit now! It’s very quick and very easy,  and even if you have to submit in a rush, you could still win! Our last contest did not have very many submissions at all, so the odds of winning were very high! Entrants will be judged on lolziness, creativity, and how much I smile when I see your meme. Winners will be announced on January 31st!

But of course, what you all really want to know about is PRIZES:

1ST PLACE will receive a t-shirt of choice from the Do I Look Sick Store! Also, their blog will be featured on the winner post, along with a nice paragraph about how awesome they are.

2ND PLACE will receive the “Health isn’t just skin-deep” keychain from the official store, and their blog will be featured in the winner post.

3RD PLACE will receive an official Do I Look Sick button, and their blog will be featured in the winner post.

ALL ENTRIES will be posted with the announcement of the winners, and shared all over facebook, twitter, and pintrest. All entrants will win the joy of knowing they helped raise awareness and made people smile all at the same time.

For those of you who don’t know much about memes, the main point of them is to be shared, and shared often. I’m hoping the entries to this contest will travel all over the web and provide a new source of support and awareness for all of us.

And if all of that is still not enough incentive to enter this easy, fun contest, then I just want to remind you that IT’S DO I LOOK SICK’S BIRTHDAY. 😀

So enter, and SPREAD THE WORD!

blog birthday anniversary

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