Again With the Teeth

Look at me, I’m still alive!

But I just barely feel like it.

I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting. It’s really upsetting because I LOVE blogging and to have to be away from it makes me feel guilty and pent up inside. I have a whole interview to post for you, along with an update on the new GI doctor AND a blog award, but life has just been insane.

So, after my last post things sounded pretty hunky dory, no? I mean, I was going to have to change my life and find new medicine and it was by no means going to be easy, but I was hopeful. I felt like I could handle it.

Then that night, I woke up at 4:00 AM in terrible pain. No, not endo, or my stomach…. my FREAKING. TEETH.

If you don’t already know, I’ve already been through an epic saga with my teeth, and here they are trying to kill me again. I knew this day would come…my wisdom tooth. I actually had two that needed to be removed, but the timing would depend on one. Since I used up all my benefits already this year with the almost dying and all, we were trying to wait for January. So close!

So this evil tooth – instead of just growing like any good normal tooth, it decided to try and kill me instead of just being a tooth. So how can a tooth attack it’s mouth? By becoming a TOOTH BATTERING RAM, that’s how!

hyperbole and a half evil sideways tooth
hyperbole and a half knows my feels

So it was all crushing my other teeth and also being all infected, which, as you may recall, is what almost killed me before. Literally. It’ll close up your throat and you’ll die. So if your tooth is infected, take it seriously!

Anyway. Since my life was, at this point, not in danger yet, and it would be a regular surgery instead of an emergency one, I obviously figured I would recover after about a day and go back to life as usual. I had the surgery on Monday and it’s Sunday and my mouth is still all oozy and hurty! I hate this!

I was actually kind of excited about the surgery at first. I don’t exactly mind having to spend more time with my hunky oral surgeon. He’s tall and red haired and dreamy. I don’t really remember a whole lot about the operation, except that when I got cold he brought me a nice cozy blanket and got me all snuggled up in it.

I love the dentist.
I love the dentist.

Then he injected some stuff in my arm and said “Okay, now things are going to start moving.”

“Moving?” I asked.

“That’s just what people say it feels like.”

Then the room started swaying and I said something like “Hmm….it does kind of feel like moving…” and I hope that after that I was quiet and good, because I don’t remember anything until I was on the couch at my parents house. It’s weird, because I remembered a lot more from the emergency surgery.

Hubby and I had had a little tiff the night before, and apparently when we got in the car after the surgery he asked how I felt and I said “You’re a jerk. You didn’t even bring me a present.” Wife of the year award, right here. But, to be fair, I don’t remember that happening.

I did end up getting a present though. My Daddy picked me out some peppermint soap (which is extra sweet, because one of the things my GI doc said to not eat so much was peppermint, and it’s my favorite flavor). He said “Rachel should have a present for having surgery.” My Daddy gets me.

I got distracted and just looked at
I got distracted and just looked at “A Little Princess” pictures and gifs for an hour…. reasons why I can’t blog and be on all these meds.

Anyhow…not much to report, except that the anitbiotics, seroids, and pain meds that I’m on for my teeth have messed up all my undiagnosed GI problems even more, and I’ve basically felt like crap for the past two weeks, and that’s why I haven’t been posting. Heck, this post isn’t even very good, but I gotta post SOMETHING. I miss you guys.

Need to write a good post...
Need to write a good post…

In sharp contrast to my sunny optimism from the last post, I’ve been really depressed lately. I’m graduating in two weeks (!@#!!$?) and I’ve had to miss a lot of class and a lot of work, so lately it’s been like, if I’m sick, I’m sleeping, and when I feel halfway decent, I’m working my butt off to try and keep up with this last little bit of school.

But no matter what I'm doing, I look like this.
But no matter what I’m doing, I look like this.

I was so looking forward to Thanksgiving as a break from it all, but then I had to have surgery and it was anything but. I was grumpy and sickly and probably did nothing but annoy/offend my loved ones. So we can add a daughter/sister/cousin/niece of the year award to my wife of the year award from earlier. And what’s really awful is that I would occasionally realize how mean and whiny I was being and I wanted to stop or say sorry or get up and make someone a pie, but then I’d just keep feeling sick and awful and go back to acting sick and awful.

And of course, I got all behind with my blogging. Blogger of the year award too. I know that it’s just a blog and it may not seem all that important, but it’s really important to me, and I hate being away from it.

So, it looks like my health is going to be a full time job for a while. I don’t know how I’m going to work it in and still graduate, make money, and keep friends. If my illnesses could learn to take turns, then maybe I could get something done around here! But they all want attention at once.

Thank you all for reading, and for continuing to read even when there’s long mysterious gaps between updates. Like I said, I have 4 or 5 exciting posts waiting in the wings, so stay with me! December is a big month, and there’s a lot of really happy and really sad things going on. I can say for sure that this holiday season will be anything but dull.

Be AWAP ~ as well as possible.

9 thoughts on “Again With the Teeth

  1. Yikes! You have had a rough time lately. I hate the dentist. I hope you heal fast and you can get off and stay off those antibiotics. (My Hubby’s wisdom teeth erupted on the night of our wedding. We had no honeymoon planned at the time….thank goodness, and he spent a week recovering from the double molar job) Those pesky wisdom teeth, they sure know how to ruin your good time.

    1. Oh goodness, what a nightmare. I’m glad it didn’t interfere with any plans though! I’m feeling better now, but of course I came down with some kind of cold and then a stomach virus…which explains the lack of posting. We have a vacation planned for next week though, so I’m hoping the crazy train stops there!

  2. You are AMAZING!! Just the fact that you can get up and concentrate at school is HUGE!! Take each day one at a time. Stop freaking out, breathe (even if all slobbery!), and chill out. It will all get done. If it doesn’t – fake it like it did. 🙂 HA HA!

    “Rooting” for you.



    1. Rooting – I see what you did there. Lol! Thanks for the pep talk!

      I think I officially survived! Final grades are out but I haven’t been brave enough to check, but I think I’m set to walk that stage TOMORROW. :O


      P.S. – Hyperbole and a half is the best blog ever, for reals.

  3. Awk hun, it all sounds positively awful! But just keep hanging in there! I think all the illnesses have meetings while we sleep to co-ordinate their attacks. My endo is flaring up so bad, I couldn’t even drive there was more tramadol than blood in my body over the last few days. And my toes are burnt because I left the hot water running on them in the bath and my crappy circulation means I haven’t felt them since September.
    It is far too easy to just give up and stop trying but I’m a wee fighter…and so are you!!!
    Don’t feel bad about not posting, the most important thing is your health. We’ll still be here 🙂
    My posts are more and more sporadic as of late since even sitting at a desk for too long if an awful lot of effort.

    But, hey, SANTA’s coming!!!!!!! xxx

    1. Santa is coming!!! And I am so excited! After the teeth thing I came down with the flu, and then some kind of food poisoning. I got well just in time for our little vacation to Disneyland this past week. After four days of fun, being sick seems small and insignificant. I did have a lot of trouble with pain while we were there, but luckily disney’s the kind of place where you can take it easy and still have a blast. 🙂 There are bad bad times and good good times and that’s life. 🙂 Santa’s coming, and times will be good.

  4. i had mine out like twenty years ago, and they too, tried to kill me. When they finally were removed via an operation, they looked all gnarly and twisted. There was no way they could have grown out with putting me in agony! I hope you can get through this quickly. You need to take care of yourself. Your readers won’t mind if your blog is ‘gappy’ because your content is funny and interesting to read. You have a talent for making us giggle!

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