T-Shirt Contest WINNERS!

It’s time for our special guest to announce the winners of the Do I Look Sick T-shirt Contest!

First Place: Tosha from Bottled Time!

Buy the shirt HERE!

Second Place: Ellen!

Buy the shirt HERE!

Third place: Mo from Day by Day with Addison Girl!

Buy it HERE!

Honorable Mention:

Tobyas, my sweet dish.

Buy it HERE!

Tosha will receive her t-shirt as first prize, Ellen will get the bumper sticker of her choice, Mo will get the button or pin of her choice, and my Dish will get kisses. I will be contacting you all in the next few days for mailing addresses and what you’ve chosen for your prize (where applicable).

Everyone else, be sure to check out the Do I Look Sick Store for some rockin’ awareness paraphernalia! And of course, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Sorry about the video. I woke up with some kind of flu, and I missed the office costume contest. It’s been a sad Halloween around here. It took me pretty much all day to get the costume and makeup on, and I just did not have the spoons to rerecord today. I hope everyone else (especially the winners!) had a much happier Halloween! Now there’s just one question – when am I wearing this to the office? It took a lot of time and effort, so I’m not just NOT going to wear it. I’m thinking Christmas party?

darth maul girl female gender bender maullie


3 thoughts on “T-Shirt Contest WINNERS!

    1. Heey, just checking in. It seems like wordpress is the best way to reach you? I sent you my email address (diehardguardgirl@yahoo.com) and I also sent you another email! Sorry to bother you so much, just want to get stuff ordered asap!

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