Do I Look Sick will be speaking at the WEGO Health Roundtable for Invisible Illness Week!

Hey guys!

Happy Invisible Illness Week!

This year, Do I Look Sick will be speaking LIVE at WEGO Health’s Invisible Illness Week Roundtable discussion. This discussion will be streaming LIVE at this address: at 2:00pm Texas Time, 3:00pm ET.

Since this is my very first time to appear on video and speak to a live audience about invisible illness, it would be so comforting to see you all in the audience (metaphorically speaking) and in the tweetchat (for reals!) which can be accessed here:

I’m very excited about this event, and I can’t wait to see you all there! And please do invite friends – remember that the point of Invisible Illness Week is to raise awareness! This is a great chance to educate your normie friends (and perhaps even find out that some of those “normies” are really SPOONIES just like you! It’s happened to me before…). ((Normie ~ normal healthy person. Spoonie ~ Invisibly Ill person – see this post for more info!))

But wait! I have more Invisible Illness Week goodies for you all! Do I Look Sick now officially has a Pintrest page! and I clearly need more friends and more fun stuff to pin, so get to it! Keep an eye on this page for some fun goodies to make you smile or give you a boost of inspiration….or PINspiration….

And finally, my last goodie for you all is a fantastical newspaper clipping I found:

newspaper clipping article invisible illness storytelling why we tell our story speak out against chronic pain

This is what Invisible Illness Week is all about! Share your story, SPEAK OUT! You can start by tweeting at us tomorrow at the WEGO Health discussion, and from there? I don’t know. What are your plans and goodies for Invisible Illness Week? 🙂

9 thoughts on “Do I Look Sick will be speaking at the WEGO Health Roundtable for Invisible Illness Week!

  1. I think Invisible Illness Week is only in the States but in a bizarre twist of fate, I am attending a meeting of the newly formed Pain Alliance group in NI this week too! The Alliance is made up of doctors, patient reps, government officials and pharmaceutical companies and only launched a few months ago. Its still early days but I was introduced to it early on and I’ve spoken at some of their events. I’m not able to attend everything due to my pain levels and my studies but they’re keen to have a youth perspective and I represent the ‘youth’ and ‘invisible illness’ categories simultaneously!!
    All the best!!

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