Poster Push- ROUND 2

I have hit a huge milestone in my life – yesterday I attended my LAST first day of school – ever.

I’m pretty excited to bid adieu to tuition, books, and teacher’s dirty looks. But, for now, I should stay focused on completing my last bit of schooling and doing a good job. But as thrilled as I am to start mapping out a new homework schedule, I’m even MORE excited to start ROUND 2 of our poster campaign for Do I Look Sick!

Now that school’s back in session, UNT students can expect to once again start keeping an eye out for my beautiful face all around campus:

And readers, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please please PLEASE print this out and post it at your school, your place of business, your favorite hang out, and anywhere else you can think of! Also, post it ONLINE! Share on facebook, tweet it, pintrest it, anything! Everything! The more people we can get reading this blog and raising awareness, the sooner we can host LIVE events – doesn’t that sound fun? We’ll also be able to host contests and give out awareness items like shirts and pins – but first, we need the readers. So POST POST POST!

Last poster run, pintrest won by a mile, so hi pintresters! Thanks for all the support!

Also, for those of you who just adore me and want to know how my last first day of school ever went: I was telling my boss that I should have gotten to be on the student panel that teachers consult on what students like or don’t like. He said that would be unhelpful to them, because all I’d ever say is “I don’t want to go to class, I just want to dance!”

Spent whole day watching the clock and singing “Good Morning Baltimore” in my head. He was spot on.

Anyway, post the poster! Tell your friends about this site! Get the word out! 1 in 2 people – that means that if you’re not sick, I promise you that you know someone that is. Do it for them! Let’s make a better world.

7 thoughts on “Poster Push- ROUND 2

  1. Go Rachel! You look great on such an artful poster. I think it’s gonna work just fine. Your enthusiasm and dedication to health activism is truly inspiring and supportive. Good on ya!


  2. I enjoyed reading this but alas the photo doesn’t work. That happens to me sometimes – 😦

    1. Oh dear. i’ve noticed that on these older posts, the images often go byebye! I’m going to attempt to rectify it presently…but if I fail, I know the pic can still be found on our facebook page if you want to see it! 🙂

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