This is a post about David Bowie

Old readers, you may be wondering why I am composing a post about David Bowie, and wondering what he has to do with Invisible Illness awareness. Frankly, I’m on your side. But welcome new readers! Who have all found my site by googling for random facts and information on David Bowie. I’m all about giving the people what they want, and fate has decreed that the next group of people that need to know about invisible illness is the David Bowie fanbase.

So why does this site pop up when I google David Bowie?

This one has a disappointing answer I’m afraid, but I’ll oblige since it took even me a while to figure out – in one of my earliest posts, I quoted David Bowie playing Tesla in my favorite movie of all time, The Prestige. I’d say I’m sorry, but I can’t because it was a good quote, and most of my readership is David Bowie fans who found this site on accident, soo…. I’m just going to try to please you guys from here on out.

Check it out, this post even has PICTURES of David Bowie!

Okay so is David Bowie sick??? BECAUSE I’M REALLY WORRIED ABOUT HIM. :_(

This has been googled a lot lately. I don’t have any idea, so I did some research for you. I want to state up front that I believe, from what I have read, that Mr. Bowie is just fine and looking for a bit of privacy. It’s probably not easy being David Bowie okay?? But here are the reasons people are rumoring that he’s not doing well:

  • He’s been keeping to himself, and not appearing in public much.
  • Howard Stern is, apparently, worried about him. I had to google why that mattered, and all I can see is that they appear to be friends…or that Stern is just a big Bowie fan. I still wouldn’t trust him as an authority on Mr. Bowie’s life, though.
  • Some songs that were never released were leaked – but even if he was sick, why would that prevent him from releasing finished songs? This seems like a non-sequitur to me.
  • “People” have said he’s not doing well. I’m not kidding, it’s all over the internet. “I talked to a friend of a friend of David’s and they say he doesn’t look so good.” This is easily combated with all the other “people” who are “close” with him who say he’s taking more time for family, painting and drawing, and collecting 20th-century British artwork.
Pretty sure this is what David Bowie’s doing right now.

Here are some actual facts:

  • In 2004, Mr. Bowie had an emergency surgery for a blocked artery. This procedure is called an angioplasty, and is less invasive than a bypass surgery. For a man Mr. Bowie’s age, I do not believe this is uncommon (especially not for a guy who was a smoker….among other things..) and I see no reason he wouldn’t be able to make a full recovery from it, especially by now. ((OPINION: this could have been a wake up call for him to start taking it easier, which would explain his public absence.))
  • This surgery did NOT mark a sudden disappearance – he’s performed live since then, but sparingly.
  • David Bowie’s wife’s twitter feed is a GREAT place to get pretty accurate information if you ask me. She’s tweeted saying that David is “Happy and healthy,” and his daughter’s teacher’s have tweeted about David showing up at the school to do the Dad thing. Sounds like he’s doing alright.
If David Bowie is sick at all…

So I hope that puts your mind at ease, Bowie-fans.

But wait! Before you go….

David Bowie isn’t very well known for his charity work, and he himself has lamented his lack of involvement with causes in general, saying “I can never make my mind up, I’m so f***ing flippy floppy.” Well, Mr. Bowie, if you’re ever reading this, I think you might be interested in my cause. Fate has brought us together – people googling about you wind up here, and I know for a fact that many of them are struggling with invisible illness and have found a nice surprise in this blog. Not what they were looking for, but what they needed.

Mr. Bowie (and Mr. Bowie’s fans). 96% of people with a chronic illness have an invisible illness, meaning that they look outwardly healthy and don’t use objects like canes or wheelchairs to hint at a chronic condition. This includes cancer, mental health, AIDS (which is a cause you have fought) and many, many other ailments. About half of the world’s population has a chronic condition. You would think that something so widespread would be well-known, but it’s actually a taboo topic.  This site is about raising awareness for people who are sick, but don’t look sick. The more awareness we can create, the more people can find support. People who don’t look sick are often labeled as “lazy” or “over-dramatic” when their symptoms flare up, which causes many to quit their jobs, forgo higher education, and even sever relationships. This is wrong. It should be okay to be sick, especially when it’s incurable and something you were just born with.

So, Bowie-fans, welcome to our cause. David Bowie looked a little sick and he’s not, but we look perfectly healthy and we are sick. So now that you don’t need to worry about the rich, beloved, and stunningly handsome Mr. Bowie being sick, perhaps you have room in your heart to worry about me and my readers. We’re pretty sick. And it’s no fun. You don’t have to give us money or start a protest or anything – just spread the word! Tweet about it, update your status, print out our Do I Look Sick? Poster and hang it around your hometown. Statistics show that about half of everyone you know has some form of invisible illness. If you don’t, do it for your friends that do. And do it for David Bowie – then we can let him off the hook for not being more charitable. 😉

So are you a David Bowie fan, Rachel?

Aww I guess I can’t call myself a fan. I love David Bowie’s film appearances, and I think that’s forgivable since I don’t really listen to much music in general. I love all his classic songs, but my top 3 reasons I love David Bowie are:

  • The Prestige:

  • Moulin Rouge:
  • And of course….

    Anyone who knows what this is gets to be my new best friend.

And now for a REAL question from a REAL reader on our facebook page:


Well, because it really has nothing to do with anything, but I guess it does now, so…

And with that, I’m out.

SOURCES (because I know some of you still don’t believe me):,, BBC News, Wikipedia,,, Twitter: @the_real_IMAN,,

And a big thanks to Tumblr and the Cheezburger Network for some great pictures – except the “seems legit” pic – I totally made that one myself.

19 thoughts on “This is a post about David Bowie

  1. I really think your final quote exemplifies chronic illness. At least for me. I know I personally try to meet others’ unrealistic expectations (because they don’t understand chronic illness) of/for me. I am trying to get better about this by being more honest about myself. But, sometimes the unrealistic expectations are my own :-o.

    BTW- with all the other movies on your blog, I’m glad you finally had the good sense to add Labyrinth! 😉

    1. I’m very glad you appreciate the Labyrinthage. 😉

      And I hadn’t thought of that quote being about illness, just about me trying to please the confusing whims of my stats page, lol. But you’re right! I do get pretty exhausted living up to other’s expectations of me. I once went waterskiing with my family while I was not only having a “bad day” but I also had the flu. So I popped a vicodin and a mucinex and jumped in the lake! Def. a case of unrealistic expectations from both my family AND myself.

  2. Great points Rachel. I too, am glad you included the labyrinth (even though my site is the REAL labyrinth as I’ve been thinking about Mr Bowie lately, because I have chosen to do a Symbols assignment on ‘labyrinths’ and his movie is something people often associate labyrinths with. Anyway, those clips of him made me smile. Thank you. (I’m going to pin them now.)

    1. Haha I’m glad you enjoyed it! This was a pretty fun blog post to write. Your project sounds very interesting – will you be posting it on your blog? You should, with your blog name and all, plus it sounds interesting and I’d love to read more about it. 🙂

  3. I should do – it’s good to post something that’s been marked by a teacher; it makes it extra good quality writing with the added feedback from a professional too.

    Ps. I never look sick, and when I do, I stay home until I look bright and shiny again! 🙂 (I’m home a lot lately 😦 )

    1. I know that feel. 😦 I really should have stayed home today. I look about how I feel, which is nooooot so good. But it’s amazing how people don’t really notice…

  4. I’m so glad you’re doing something like this. I have several invisible illnesses. People tell me I look so well. When my Myasthenia Gravis flares up, I can walk and talk like I’m drunk. The fibromyalgia flares leave me extremely tired, unfocused, and in bed for long periods. Last, but not least, is the Epilepsy. It’s so much fun to have a seizure in public–they get a free show. Some people have taken a step back when I told them I had epilepsy, like I was contagious. Having high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, and high cholesterol, while invisible, were not a major problem. I’m a retired RN, but I find it a full-time job to manage my medical conditions (I didn’t list them all) at this point.
    I’ve taken up writing since I can no longer work. I’m spending more time on websites, learning from others.

    1. Glad you found your way to my little corner of the web! It sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate. I’m a big fan of writing, and I’m excited to read more of your blog! Be AWAP – as well as possible. 🙂

  5. Sigh. I love, love, LOVE David Bowie. He lifted my spirits so often as a depressed teen, enthralled me with his uniqueness.

    And will never know I exist.

    Great post.

  6. I love David Bowie so much, I named my first-born son Bowie (he’s a dog, so he doesn’t get made fun of). Thanks for the post 🙂

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