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Did you at least get me flowers?


4 responses to “Long-Term Commitment

  1. Tosha of Bottled Time ⋅

    I feel like I need to clarify my “like” of this post. Of course I don’t like that you’ve had flu symptoms for a month. But I do love your style.

    Did it get you flowers? What did you get it?

    • Well OBVIOUSLY I got it this beautiful work of art. 😉 And no, it didn’t even get me flowers. This relationship isn’t really working out. I’ve started taking some mucinex DM – trying to let him down easy. 🙂

      Missed you, Tosha! Good to see you back in internet-land!

  2. The art is wonderfully done & btw you look great in scuba gear! :o)

    • Why thank you! Haha I’m no artist but I love drawing my funny little cartoons.

      And thanks! Being sick does have one advantage – it keeps my delicate figure. 😉

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