5 thoughts on “Recovering from Surgery: Ur Doin it Wrong

    1. Nothing – that’s the problem. I had about six months where doc said no more vicodin, and I was stuck with tramadol. I know it’s newer than vicodin, and I’ve heard it’s supposed to be stronger, but it just does not work for me. Maybe I got sugar pills or something, I don’t know. But it hardly puts a dent in my pain unless I take 2 or 3.

      1. Yeah, I’ve taken 5/day for a couple years. Don’t know if it’s working. Just apprehensive about stopping in case it is doing something. Interestingly, along with hitting pain receptors for morphine, the med also hits epinephrine and serotonin receptors, serotonin being a receptor targeted by modern anti-depressants.

        Ah, the pain-depression link. We’re all waiting on that remedy, which I hope is a one-timer, like a vaccine. It’s probably been in existence 10 years, sequestered by the FDA under moral pretense.

        Is that bong actually a flute?

      2. Hahahahaha it really ISN’T a bong, it’s a PokeFlute from Pokemon. It’s purpose is to wake sleeping pokemon….get it? lol I know I’m a dork.

        That’s interesting about the tramadol, I’ve never tried just taking it consistantly. I just take it “for pain” which means I probably wait just a pinch too long to take it, then when I feel real bad I take some and I am disappoint. :I Vicodin, however, will kick in pretty fast and relieve the pain right there.

        Speaking of the depression thing, I was recently on Perkacet (spelling probably wrong) and it kicked pain’s butt – but it made me so, so sad. Apparently has the same effect on my dad. He took it after a surgery he had a while back and it was all the same – random crying, lethargy, unwillingness to believe there is anything worth moving from the couch for. Pain meds and depression is a funny thing. If Tramadol can counter depression, though, it may be a little more awesome than I thought.

      3. My body doesn’t handle narcotics very well. I get a lot of side effects slowing down my digestive system. Tramadol doesn’t have that effect, but it is not as strong as narcotics and doesn’t counter depression by any significant degree.

        I certainly hope your pain is under much better control these days. I’m still often amazed at how much pain can exhaust me and steal time.

        Good to hear from you Rachel. Sorry reply so late!

        Namaste, C

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