Post-Surgery One Week Check Up


3 thoughts on “Post-Surgery One Week Check Up

  1. I like your cartoon. I am recovering from surgery too. The first week I kept it covered. Didnt even want to get it wet. I was afraid my skin wouldnt close back up. I didnt get stitches. They just taped me up. I’d never had surgery before. I didnt know what to expect. I still try to protect it as much as I can. I’m just a big wimp : )

    1. Haha no, don’t worry, I was freaked out too. The first time I had this surgery I had stitches, but this time they used this clear glue stuff – super weird. A couple of days ago it bled a little and went from clear to grody bloody. The doctor said the wound’s mostly healed, so I’m dying to just pull this bloody gunk off, buuut doc says no. I’m guessing caution is better than recklessness in any case. 😉 Hope you get to feeling better, and keep your healthy caution. 🙂

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