A “Bad Day”

I am writing to you from the same desk I have for the last two posts, but today I am a very different person. Today has been a “bad day.” Sick days are universal – you all know exactly what it’s like to be stuck in bed, missing out on class, a day’s wages, and seeing friends, all while feeling really, really awful. But unfortunately for me, this bad day also brought a bit of bad news.

Last night after dinner, I started to feel really bad. I was hurting, so I took some pain medication. I take hydrocodone, aka generic vicodin, which is a pretty common pain reliever. I’ve been taking it sparsely for the past three years. Basically, I wasn’t taking it very often, but it’s not like I was a stranger to it. So I took it last night, just like normal. It had very abnormal results.

I was up all night long having what I could only describe as an allergic reaction. I was itchy and jittery, but mostly itchy. My face itched the most. But why was this happening? I’ve been taking these pills for three years, how could I suddenly be allergic?

According to my doctor, whom I called first thing this morning, it’s not uncommon for people to develop a “sensitivity” to hydrocodone, and advised I stop taking it immediately. He warned that taking it again could have far worse results than last time. I heeded his word, remembering my mother’s stories of discovering my allergy to penicillin. But what now?

Sure enough, tonight I’m in pain again. I’ve taken a bunch of tylenol but it just is not working. So, after a few emergency calls to my doctor’s home, I’m now patiently awaiting my new pain medicine. The pharmacy is “really busy,” so even though my doc called them at like, 9, I am STILL waiting. But whatever.

Anyway, I wanted to blog about this because when I turned to the internet (most people’s go-to doctor,) I couldn’t find hardly any information on developing an allergy to hydrocodone. So hopefully if anyone has a similar experience, they’ll find this blog post and STOP TAKING HYDROCODONE if they seem allergic.

I just called the pharmacy again. They said they “just got” the prescription…which is lying, because they said that an hour ago…I’m so sick of pharmacies. I have seriously never had a good experience with any pharmacy. Kroger, CVS, Wallgreens, they all suck. I am in pain and they are not helping me. How can people be that way?

Well, I’ll be up until I can get some medicine. Since I missed work today, I can’t miss tomorrow, so weather I sleep or not I have to be there.

This is my first “bad day” since starting this blog. I don’t really know if it’s a good idea to even blog on “bad days.” I’m extremely depressed. I feel neglected. Like, by society. And that’s over-dramatic. I’m hurting and I’m not getting help – it’s probably not a good state to write in.

But I want you to know that if you’re hurting, you’re not alone. Being sick is depressing. You hurt, you can’t sleep when you want to, it’s really awful. Heck, I am ALLERGIC TO MEDICINE. That’s — that’s ridiculous! What am I supposed to do?! Where do I even go from here?!?!

I hate medicine. I hate pharmacies. I hate my body, and I could care less how it looks if it would just WORK RIGHT.


And 1 in every 2 people in America are sick. You might be sick, right now, reading this. And you hate it! And if you’re not, you have friends that are sick. And you should HATE that your friends are sick!

I hate that anyone’s sick. Ever.

It’s 11:35, and medicine is in sight. Hopefully, I’ll take it and go to bed. Hopefully my body (my tummy in particular) gets along with this new medicine. Hopefully everything will be okay now.

So, until my next bad day, it’s over.

Be well, friends. More I cannot wish you.

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