Me Not Talk Good

I’m only 24 years old, but already I’m starting to feel “old.” I appreciate going to bed at a decent hour. Loud music makes me rather grumpy. The cons are starting to outweigh the pros of eating junk food. Some of this is just the natural progression of aging, but a lot of it has to do with endometriosis too.

For a long time, though, I didn’t know that. I thought this was just what getting old feels like. I don’t have as much energy as I used to, I get a lot more aches and pains, I’m not as young as I was! But at 24 I do think I’m feeling a little older than I ought to.


One of the biggest changes I noticed was my eloquence. I’m a writer, and while I’m introverted I do feel that I speak well. Or, at least, I used to. Now I find myself fumbling over words and trailing off into nothing more and more. I thought this could be a number of things – just getting older, using technology and the internet more, or perhaps it was a lasting side effect of the pain medication I’ve spent so much time on. I never really thought it could have anything to do with endometriosis.

For those of you who don’t know, endo is a chronic pain condition in women. It is a disease of the reproductive organs. What do those lady bits have to do with my brain and speech patterns?


Well, something. I don’t know what exactly. But I do know that the more I’ve tapped in to the online endo community, the more reports I’ve seen of this exact problem. It’s definitely a common side effect of endo. It just isn’t talked about much because other symptoms are so much more prominent.

It makes a lot of sense, though. Many mothers-to-be report scatter-brained-ness during pregnancy. Anything that is a side effect of pregnancy can be a side effect of endo because both are instances of shifts and imbalances in hormone levels. This means that endo could be the source of all kinds of things like nausea, tender breasts, bloating, weight gain, and strange cravings.


When I realized that endo was causing me to loose words and stumble through communication, it opened my eyes to how extensive endo really is. No system in your body is an island. Every part of you is connected, and when one part is unwell, all of you is unwell. Connecting the dots has explained a lot about my day to day experiences. Recently I had extensive bloodwork done to try to understand the infertility issues I’ve been having. What we found seemed random and confusing – until you remember to connect all the dots and see the big picture. Because of endo, my hormones are obviously out of whack. For one thing, I’m apparently insulin-resistant, raising my risk of diabetes in the future. That’s something we would never have found – my doctor said that insulin resistance is very rare in people who are underweight – like me. I also have too much male hormones and not enough female ones – that’s embarrassing. So I get angry, I’m hairier than I’d like to admit, and my acne has come back. Acne, I told you back in high school, leave me alone!

But knowledge is power. I’m taking a female hormone pill and a diabetes medication to help get those things in balance. And the talking? I’ve learned to let it go. I keep talking until I get whatever I need to say out. Grammar does not always accompany it. My husband is very sweet and doesn’t make fun of me when I get lost in a sentence or say the wrong word. He knows what I meant. I must say, though, that I feel really stupid when I’m angry and we’re fighting and I’m trying to say why I’m so upset and then I just babble words that don’t go together. It makes it take much longer to win a fight that way.


What about you? Have you ever found unexpected side effects of an illness? Tell me your stories in the comments!

Health Activist Heroes!

I’m borrowing my title from one of the WEGO Health Activist Awards because it just happens to be award season. I have VERY much wanted to win one of those for a long time, so click here to endorse me! It’ll make me really happy.

But I wanted to take a second to honor some of my favorite bloggers in a fun way that’s been bouncing around in my head for a while now – drawing bloggers as superheroes! I picked a few bloggers and used their blog title to come up with a super alter ego for them. It was a pretty fun project! Maybe I’ll host a contest soon and make it a prize to have your blog drawn as a super hero. Would you guys like that?

Well, for now enjoy these silly drawings and check out the awesome bloggers that inspired them! Continue reading

Resisting the Urge to do an Entire Room in Your Favorite Color & Do I Look Sick Does Interior Design

When tackling our bedroom, we only had one color scheme in mind – purple. All our sheets and bedding are purple and black, and purple has always been our default color to buy things in. In apartments where there’s no painting the walls allowed, it was fine to have all the stuff be purple because the white walls toned it down. When trying to think of a color to paint our room, we of course thought “Well our room needs to be purple.” But…. with a bright orange room and a bright red room it seemed like adding on a bright purple room would really push us over the edge into tacky.

So this will be a lesson on accent colors. When your favorite color pops a bit too much to paint the walls in it, try making it the accent color! It’ll still be the color everyone notices the most. This was a fun change up for me, too. Like I said – I’d done a lot of crazy colors already. I was excited to make this room a little more toned down and relaxed.

The room was originally this olive green color I actually kind of liked. As a kid, my room had a lot of green and I still have a lot of green pillows and stuff. So we thought alright green, you can stay.


I did feel like it was kind of dull in here though. And even though we’d bring in art to hang and stuff, I still wanted to paint. After all, it would be much easier to paint now than to try and do it after we’d moved in. I had seen this photo on Pinterest…

geometric wall paint art

And thought it’d be the perfect approach to our room. I loved the feeling it gave of light coming in the window. It was also simple. All I needed was the good frog tape. I was able to tape out the whole design myself – which really surprised me! For colors, I of course wanted an accent of purple, and picked out a greenish-white and a neutral green to finish out the design. I’d use the original wall color for one of the triangles as well.

Here’s a funny side-story: We had a big painting party where a lot of really sweet friends came over to help us get all the painting done. When my best friend walked into the bedroom, she was like “Oh yeah, this has got to go. Poop brown isn’t a good room color.” And I was like ummmm well we were going to keep it…and just paint an accent wall…..


Yes, that’s real friendship. I have since had many more people come through and call it “poop brown” (yes, more than one person used the word poop. That’s the kind of friends I’ve got) but I still think it’s green and not too poopy to love.

After we painted and took the tape down, I rather liked the spaces between the colors. So we left them (plus it took like 3 days off the paint time since we’d have had to wait for stuff to dry and retape and all that).

geometric accent wall

And you can see our new fan pulls there too – here’s a close up:

foolproof fan pulls light

The night we moved in we realized we didn’t have a shower curtain rod, so in the middle of the night we ran to Home Depot. I just died when I saw these and it was the first thing we bought special for our new house. It was already beginning to feel like a home.


We have the mum and garter we exchanged as seniors in high school hanging on our respective closet doors. There’s a viral article going around about how girls are now asking boys to donate mum money to cancer research instead of buying mums “that no one cares about or remembers” – 1.) I care. 2.) The idea is nice, but isn’t it a little bitchy to make your date do that? Why don’t YOU do that? Not all boys’ parents have enough money to buy an expensive mum. They’re often homemade, with love! I don’t know. It seems good intentioned but stupidly executed. Not to mention rude to any poor schmuck who had already spent a lot of time customizing a mum for those girls. Ouch!

The painting is the middle is one we did together some long-past Valentines day. It’s half him and half me, and kinda cheesy. But I like it.

P.S. – The Allergista totally sold me on getting that air purifier. It rocks my socks off.


The other Toby and Rachel original hanging in there is a more recent collaboration we did. It’s our cat, Mimi! Because we’re crazy cat parents. We painted that in the days before Dudley the Dog. We’ll need to paint him too.


Husband has big plans to use his carpenter skills to build us a custom bed frame, but for now we’ve still got our old sleigh bed, bought off a friend of my mom’s. I really wanted to have dramatic curtains that went ceiling to floor. I think they look very theatrical.

Oh, and we don’t always have spooky gargoyle shadows in our windows. They’re just for Halloween.


If you’ll allow another brief tangent – the gargoyles were super easy to make. Each one is made of two sheets of black poster board that I traced my shapes on to. Disney characters are really intimidating to draw, so I took pictures of them into photoshop and blacked them out into silhouettes. Then I used the eraser to trace the features I wanted. I used the grid to help me draw them out on the poster boards.

If you’re still pretty sure you can’t draw a gargoyle, you can try easier shapes! Like a ghost! Or tree branches! Or bats! Get creative. :)

We just have string lights in the window to light them at night. All in all, this project was like $8 to do 3 windows. The pig gargoyle (Hugo) is in the downstairs window.

Here’s how they look at night:

diy halloween window decorations

Speaking of DIY ideas…. we did this little craft from pinterest. We had these little boxy side tables that we thought we could use as side-tables, but they’re way too low for our bed. So we experimented and put one up on legs:


It also keeps Dudley from stealing things from us.

Now, the one thing I HATE about our bedroom is that they friggen windows aren’t centered. I wanted to ignore that and put the bed in the real center, but hubby insisted the curtains would look bad if we did that. So there’s a big void on my side of the bed and that little side table won’t work, so we’re in the market for a bigger side table to help balance the room. If that’s even possible.


But hubby’s side is all set up. His bedside table is a mess. Gah. But I like his dragon he keeps over there. He also has his art – a photo-realistic painting of a green apple (his favorite flavor) we bought at cottonwood, and this rather odd plate we found at an antique store in Gruene.


You’re probably going “That is the ugliest, creepiest, weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.” Yes. Yes it is. There is apparently some secret society of actors? Maybe related to the Freemasons or something? Maybe? And this is their….official plate? I guess? I love the creed at the bottom. And the Jester… well, he’s got a skull and that’s kinda cool. You may be thinking “You let a creepy jester plate watch you sleep?” Yes. Yes I do. Because the alternative is having it in a more public place, and… it just doesn’t go with anything else. Anywhere. So he’s in the bedroom.

That post had a lot more detours than I expected. I’ll let you go now. See you next time!

Comic Con Fan Days > a Mini Chronic Travel Bug

Hey all! Please check out my full review of Comic Con day 1 and day 2 for more in-depth info. I just wanted to pop by and give a quick update to my comic con experience. I went back for their “Fan Days” event as a regular guest and I had a lot of fun.

I stuck with going on Sunday, the last day, to avoid long lines and take advantage of last-day sales. Plus, it’s a shorter day, and by the end I was pooped.

This time I did get to see a Q&A Panel – Oliver and James Phelps, famous for playing the Weasley twins Fred and George in the Harry Potter films. It was awesome and they were hilarious. I didn’t feel like I lost too much time by waiting in line for a panel and then sitting through the panel itself. I still got to check out all the vendors and artists as well.


My one new tip – 30 minutes is NOT early enough to line up for a Q&A panel with Harry Potter stars. I am really lucky I got in, because I cut it really close. It fills up!

Another new bit of info – this location in Irving had much better food service, in my opinion. It was still run of the mill hot dogs, sandwiches, granola bars, etc. but there were stands all over the place, making food easily accessible without making you feel like you’re missing out on something.

This venue also had a lot of places to sit – if you read my in-depth reports on my first comic con you’ll see that one of my complaints was that there weren’t many places to rest. This venue had plush benches in every corridor, and on a slower day like Sunday there was almost always a place to sit and rest.

This was my first time to go in a real costume, too. I’ve been sewing this Esmerelda outfit since June for Halloween, and I was VERY excited to take it for a test run.


I got a professional photo made at the Superhero Photos booth, and when I get a copy I’ll post it here. I also had LOTS of people ooh and ahh and ask for photos with me so hopefully many more will turn up as well.

Of course, you’re probably DYING to know the results of my irresponsible shopping spree this round.


Yes, TWO Harry Potter dresses…. the salesman was really convincing. A rebel tie for the hubby, who was jealous to miss it all, and some panties that I think are HILARIOUS but hubby was underwhelmed by. MOON. BUTT. COME ON IT’S FUNNY.

And toys, because I have no self-control:


This round they actually had quite a few of the Disney Vinylmation – I managed to find one I’ve actually been wanting! Basil of Baker Street! Traded an old pony for Twilight, so that was not a breach of budget. TWO sets of earrings because I could not choose between Ahsoka and Totoro, and THREE patches for my patch jacket – thanks to my man friend who accompanied me. And gave me a ride.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I was in a car wreck. So I’ve been spending a lot more time with friends as they have to drive me if I want to go anywhere. I’m fine. I might post about it later. Would anyone be interested in a car wreck story? It has nothing to do with invisible illness. But it’s exciting. So let me know!

For now, goodnight.

Would you like a little cheese with that whine?

Guyyyyyyyssssss. I’m having like, the worst week.


I’ve been doing some freelance work, which is exciting and fun don’t get me wrong, but that means long days in strange places with strange technology that isn’t afraid to torture you into thinking it deleted all your work. It also means a bunch of new people – strangers – an introvert’s worst fear.


I’ve been “undercover” here, and it’s odd. I don’t make a big deal out of being sick at my regular job, but at a temporary place I don’t really want to get all up in the complexities of “Hi, I have an incurable disease…” This means I’ve been sneaking pills like a druggie and calling a doctor appointment a “meeting” I had to go to uptown. I didn’t think it’d be hard to just not be sick for two days but as usual my body has other plans. It was surprisingly hard to keep up my guise of “normal human I swear.”


And what about that “meeting uptown?” My doctor is baffled by me – never a good sign. We ran extensive bloodwork today. I know I’m usually a baby about needles but allow me to be a BIG FAT GIANT BABY about today – this outright HURT. Like damn. I was like “***!*!!!*! THIS IS WHY I’M AFRAID OF NEEDLES, EXACTLY THIS.”


My arm still hurts. And it’s been like 8 hours. And somewhere in there I took pain meds (for regular chronic pain – I’m not THAT big a baby) and it still hurts. I feel justified in whining about it. It also bled a crazy weird amount. I don’t know if this nurse was new (she was new to me) or if we had to take an extra lot of blood or what. But I can see a big fat blue vein sticking up out of my skin where I got stuck, and the visual is adding mental anguish to all the physical pain.



(Results of tests by the end of the week.)