A Halloween Treat Just for You ` awareness ribbon!

I’ve talked before about my idea of wearing a shear ribbon as awareness for all the invisible diseases. When you have a chronic illness, you usually have more than one. And with awareness ribbons ranging from normal colors like blue all the way to zebra-stripes, it can start to seem kind of silly when you tote around more than one.

Here’s another solution – my very own design! Ribbon that straight up says “Invisible Illness Awareness!”



You can use this baby to loop up your own awareness ribbon, or tie it on a gift for a friend in a flare Continue reading

Me Not Talk Good

I’m only 24 years old, but already I’m starting to feel “old.” I appreciate going to bed at a decent hour. Loud music makes me rather grumpy. The cons are starting to outweigh the pros of eating junk food. Some of this is just the natural progression of aging, but a lot of it has to do with endometriosis too.

For a long time, though, I didn’t know that. I thought this was just what getting old feels like. I don’t have as much energy as I used to, I get a lot more aches and pains, I’m not as young as I was! But at 24 I do think I’m feeling a little older than I ought to.


One of the biggest changes I noticed was my eloquence. I’m a writer, and while I’m introverted I do feel that I speak well. Or, at least, I used to. Now Continue reading

Health Activist Heroes!

I’m borrowing my title from one of the WEGO Health Activist Awards because it just happens to be award season. I have VERY much wanted to win one of those for a long time, so click here to endorse me! It’ll make me really happy.

But I wanted to take a second to honor some of my favorite bloggers in a fun way that’s been bouncing around in my head for a while now – drawing bloggers as superheroes! I picked a few bloggers and used their blog title to come up with a super alter ego for them. It was a pretty fun project! Maybe I’ll host a contest soon and make it a prize to have your blog drawn as a super hero. Would you guys like that?

Well, for now enjoy these silly drawings and check out the awesome bloggers that inspired them! Continue reading

Resisting the Urge to do an Entire Room in Your Favorite Color & Do I Look Sick Does Interior Design

When tackling our bedroom, we only had one color scheme in mind – purple. All our sheets and bedding are purple and black, and purple has always been our default color to buy things in. In apartments where there’s no painting the walls allowed, it was fine to have all the stuff be purple because the white walls toned it down. When trying to think of a color to paint our room, we of course thought “Well our room needs to be purple.” But…. with a bright orange room and a bright red room it seemed like adding on a bright purple room would really push us over the edge into tacky.

So this will be a lesson on accent colors. When your favorite color pops a bit too much to paint the walls in it, try making it the accent color! It’ll still be the color everyone notices the most. This was a fun change up for me, too. Like I said – I’d done a lot of crazy colors already. I was excited to make this room a little more toned down and relaxed.

The room was originally this olive green color I actually kind of liked. As a kid, my room had a lot of green and I still have a lot of green pillows and stuff. So we thought alright green, you can stay.


I did feel like it was kind of dull in here though. And even though we’d bring in art to hang and stuff, I still wanted to paint. After all, it would be much easier to paint now than to try and do it after we’d moved in. I had seen this photo on Pinterest… Continue reading

Comic Con Fan Days > a Mini Chronic Travel Bug

Hey all! Please check out my full review of Comic Con day 1 and day 2 for more in-depth info. I just wanted to pop by and give a quick update to my comic con experience. I went back for their “Fan Days” event as a regular guest and I had a lot of fun.

I stuck with going on Sunday, the last day, to avoid long lines and take advantage of last-day sales. Plus, it’s a shorter day, and by the end I was pooped.

This time I did get to see a Q&A Panel – Oliver and James Phelps, famous for playing the Weasley twins Fred and George in the Harry Potter films. It was awesome and they were hilarious. I didn’t feel like I lost too much time by waiting in line for a panel and then sitting through the panel itself. I still got to check out all the vendors and artists as well.


My one new tip – 30 minutes is NOT early enough to line up for a Q&A panel with Harry Potter stars. I am really lucky Continue reading