Mother-to-Daughter Uterus Transplant Offers Hope for Infertility and Endometriosis

Back when I first read about Swedish doctors’ successful transplant of two wombs into two women with their mothers serving as the donors, my first thought was “What a sweet, meaningful, and miraculous way to cure endometriosis!” Because having a hysterectomy is a huge and terrifying notion, and it’s slightly less weighty if you have hope of getting a uterus again – especially if it’s the very one you sprang into life from!


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For the Coffee Lovers….

And everyone who’s definitely NOT a morning person, there’s a new mug in the shop!


I’m pretty proud of this one, so today only I’m offering it for 30% off to celebrate it’s debut! Just type in the code “PERSONALMUGS” at checkout. This code will also get you 15% off anything else you buy, including stuff from other zazzle stores, so click on the link above to start shopping!

 You  should also click on the link just to read all the info on the “lable” – I had way too much fun with it. It’s from Joe Black, MD and a lot of other goofy details like that. There’s even a back side with side effect warnings!

 I myself am not a coffee person, but this is in honor of my hubby who’s birthday was yesterday and who loves coffee. Happy Birthday hunny bunny!

Chronic Travel Bug: Spectre, AL – the town from Big Fish

Spectre, AL from Tim Burton’s Big Fish is one of the few fictional towns you can make a pilgrimage to in real life. For those of you who don’t know, Spectre is an eerie town that Edward Bloom (played unforgettably by Ewan McGregor) stumbles upon after leaving his hometown for fear of becoming a “big fish in a small pond.”


Spectre is a sort of paradise where the ground is so soft that no one needs shoes – of course, that means no one can leave, either. Bloom realizes the trap in this and becomes the first person to ever leave Spectre, but not before promising a young girl he would one day return.

The town plays a central role in the movie. The entire film was shot on location in Alabama, but the Spectre set is the only one that still stands. The set was built on a private island, and rather than spend the time and man power to tear it down, Burton paid the owner of the island to leave it standing so that he could move on and finish his film.


The set underwent many changes and builds for the film. We not only see it as the secret paradise it began as, but also as the dilapidated remains after “the world found Spectre,” via a new road built right through the town. Edward Bloom saves the town, buying up all the land to allow the people there to stay and to keep the town alive.

Towards the end of the film, when Edward’s adult son seeks out the town, he finds the “real” Spectre – not 100% fantasy, but not 100% what he expected to find.

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New! Stickers for Invisible Illness Awareness

With Invisible Illness Awareness Week coming up (Sept. 8!) I thought I’d do a little sale in the shop to offer some easy, cheap ways to raise awareness! Use the code URSTICKYSALE at checkout to get 50% off our all new stickers AND our magnets and buttons! That same code will also get you 10% off anything in the store, so now’s the time to spring for that t-shirt you’ve been eying!



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One step forward, Two Steps Back

…right over the edge of a staircase, adding 15 more steps back AND down.


So here’s what’s up. I stopped ovulating for a while recently, and while it can be nice to just not have a period anymore, it’s certainly not healthy. So this month, with the aid of progesterone pills, I did ovulate! Which is very good, because yay health!

But of course, having not had a cycle for a while, this period was going to be rough. I knew that. Today was day 1. But I can handle it, I’m super tough.

OH WAIT but I got food poisoning too.

Oh my God I haven’t felt this bad in a long time.

I’m dying.

I’m to that point where you’re just pretty sure you’re going to feel this way forever and ever.

this is my life now sick in the bathroom floor sleeping living in

So this won’t be a real post.

Anyway I saw this today and it needs to be shared. I was already so pumped for this movie but now I really can’t wait.

I’ve had doctor appointments that went down pretty much exactly this way. #chronicpainproblems

Me and the hubs are totally going to cosplay this someday.

bighero6 copy