I somehow left this out of my road trip post. No road trip is complete without passionate sing-a-longs. Disclaimer – don’t do it in the pouring rain like I did, haha.

Also, there is such a thing as road trip karma. I remember thinking at the sunny outset of our trip how odd it was that out of the many road trips I’d taken growing up, it had never once rained while we were driving. As you can see, this was rectified. It caused a LOT of traffic. Pair that with the fact that we managed to choose a route that was nothing but construction all the way and we had a lot more driving hours than we planned for.

Interesting point, too – when we were planning this trip months ago, google maps warned us of the construction but we thought they’d surely be done before we left. So it’s worth re-routing, even early in the game, if you notice construction on your route.

One last note: this was the first road trip I’ve ever taken that was almost exclusively through forests. Driving through the mountains was nice, but the trees got monotonous. Part of the reason you do a road trip is to “find America” as Simon and Garfunkle say – but I had a hard time seeing America for the trees. ;)

State-by-state breakdown coming soon! In the mean time, join me on Twitter today at 3 PM ET for a #hachat about traveling with illness! Sign on for some great tips and share your travel dream destinations!


Chronic Travel Bug: Road Trip Edition!

Hey Everyone!

I just got back from my husband and I’s first road trip! We had a BLAST and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. We saw so many amazing things across the 4 states we visited (technically 5, but we didn’t stop in Mississippi at all). Each state deserves it’s own post, so for now I just want to talk about road trips overall, and how to manage one if you have a chronic illness. Continue reading

Are you living with or in spite of chronic illness?


I wrote this piece a while ago as a guest post for my good friend Katherine’s blog. It’s about one of the most basic foundations I’ve built this blog and my life on – living with instead of living in spite. :)

This weekend I’ll be donning my Chronic Travel Bug gear and going on a big road trip across the Southeastern United States, so if I do have time to post, it’ll be quick photo posts with in depth recaps later. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!
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Allow me to introduce Rachel, my guest blogger today.  Rachel and I met through following each others blogs. Rachel blogs at DoILookSick.  I thoroughly applaud Rachel for what she is going through and all the information she shares on her blog.  I am amazed at the wonderful video clips and humor she manages to inject as well. And now I will let Rachel talk to you about chronic illness.

My name is Rachel, and I live with chronic illness. I used to live in spite of chronic illness, but as empowering as that may sound, it was actually quite detrimental to my mind, body and soul.

So what’s the difference between living with and living in spite of?

Let’s start with living in spite of. Living in spite of illness is what most of us are taught to do from a very young age, and for the most part…

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