Guest Post: A Bit About Prostate Health

Today I’m welcoming Sunil Kumar of Planet Ayurvida. This is a list of facts and tips for prostate health and awareness – it’s a bit different than my usual content here but it’s nice to have some specifics for my menfolk readers! So without further ado, here’s…

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Mother-to-Daughter Uterus Transplant Offers Hope for Infertility and Endometriosis

Back when I first read about Swedish doctors’ successful transplant of two wombs into two women with their mothers serving as the donors, my first thought was “What a sweet, meaningful, and miraculous way to cure endometriosis!” Because having a hysterectomy is a huge and terrifying notion, and it’s slightly less weighty if you have hope of getting a uterus again – especially if it’s the very one you sprang into life from!


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For the Coffee Lovers….

And everyone who’s definitely NOT a morning person, there’s a new mug in the shop!


I’m pretty proud of this one, so today only I’m offering it for 30% off to celebrate it’s debut! Just type in the code “PERSONALMUGS” at checkout. This code will also get you 15% off anything else you buy, including stuff from other zazzle stores, so click on the link above to start shopping!

 You  should also click on the link just to read all the info on the “lable” – I had way too much fun with it. It’s from Joe Black, MD and a lot of other goofy details like that. There’s even a back side with side effect warnings!

 I myself am not a coffee person, but this is in honor of my hubby who’s birthday was yesterday and who loves coffee. Happy Birthday hunny bunny!