Cooking with Brain Fog

Hello spoonie chefs! Today we’re going to make a delicious meal that I promise will be a real crowd-pleaser.


(full disclosure: I didn’t make this food, but I did take this photo.)

Brain Fog Dinner:

1. Open your pantry and see what’s inside.

2. Now check the fridge.

3. Open your pantry and see what’s inside.

4. Now check the fridge.

5. The freezer?

6. Wait go back to the pantry.

7. Ok there’s some good stuff in there. Pull out all the things you need.

8. Start boiling some water because I’m pretty sure you’ll need it for something.

9. Wash and peel the produce, thaw the meat, do all that preppy stuff.

10. Now just grab the pot andHOLY MOTHER OF HELL THAT’S HOT——-

11. Put ice on your hand.

12. Use oven mitts to move anything hot from this point forward.

13. Try very hard to remember if you already added spices.

14. Pour some drinks.

15. Realize you don’t have any eggs.

16. Look up substitutes for eggs.

17. While you weren’t paying attention, whatever you’re cooking has caught fire.

18. Hastily remove from heat andHOLY #!%^!##!! HOT HOT HOT

19. Ice again.

20. Try eating whatever survived your cooking.

21. Call your local pizza place.

22. Have a drink – those always seem to survive.


Bonus step 23: Freak out when some stranger appears at the door in 30 minutes or less.

Book Review AND Giveaway / Two Bipolar Chicks!

I recently won a copy of Two Bipolar Chicks from one of WEGO Health’s many awesome giveaways. I was really excited to read it as I have a close bipolar friend. The book touts itself as being an essential guide and a valuable asset for more than just bipolar chicks – but for caregivers, family, and friends as well. Falling in to the “friend” category, I was excited to learn more and see how I could help.


Unfortunately, the book may be a little ahead of itself in claiming to be perfect for friends and family. If this is your introduction to Bipolar disorder, you’ll be lost. They do eventually have a chapter talking about “What is Bipolar?” but it’s confusingly towards the end. For this reason, much of the book was boring to me. I could see how, if I myself were bipolar and had gone through diagnosis and treatment, it would have made a lot more sense. But from my current vantage point, I was definitely missing a lot.

The writing was, put simply, not my cup of tea. But I’m guessing that when I write out the things I didn’t like about it, it’s going to actually sound like a bunch of positives to most people. This book was written much more like a magazine than a book. There are lots of lists and asides, and the chapters are short and full of twitter-sized tidbits.

I am an English major. I really like reading novels. I like nice long chapters. And when I see the incorrect use of the word “your” I cringe and need to close the book for a while. The writers of this book talk so much about being writers that, as a writer, it’s kind of painful to read. Again, mostly because self-proclaimed writers usually know the difference between there, their, and they’re. But I can admit I’m a stick in the mud about that kind of thing. A lot of people aren’t.


That’s really the biggest negative about the book. Back to the things I didn’t like but I think a lot of people would like –

When I say that it reads like a magazine, that goes beyond short chapters, lists, and asides. It’s kind of like a Bipolar issue of Cosmo – it talks about sex and trendy parties and cool drugs (of course, explaining the downsides) but it’s all describing a life I’ve never led. I’ve never been offered drugs at a sexy party and if I was, I’d probably leave. I’m blessed that I grew up with genuine friends and was never the kind of girl who was worried about popularity or impressing fake people. This book seems very geared to that kind of mindset – how to be popular and cool if you’re Bipolar. It’s very…..odd…to me.


Still, there are chapters that don’t seem to be set in Sex in the City. There’s some great thoughts on organizing medication and handling office life. There’s also good tips on getting a good nights sleep and at what point you should seek medical attention in manic or depressive states. There are some tips generic enough to apply to anyone with a mental disorder – I have an anxiety disorder myself and a lot of the advice the book had about dealing with mania applied to anxiety as well. While I didn’t feel like this book really equipped me with any skills to help a Bipolar friend – again, because I haven’t been through the doctor visits and all that – it did have a couple of gems I can use to deal with anxiety. So that’s good.

I think this book would be great for a very specific kind of person. If you’re a Bipolar girl (sorry guys, there’s very little help here for you) who likes reading magazines and buzzfeed lists and the Thought Catalog blog, then you’ll probably LOVE this book. If you’re a very informed caregiver who knows a lot already about Bipolar disorder and you’re caring for a Cosmo girl, this book will probably be very helpful. But if you’re a friend or family member simply seeking more knowledge on Bipolar disorder, I’d suggest starting with a more introductory type book.


Being that this book has little to offer me, but I think it could offer a LOT to the right person, I’m going to give it away! I want it to find the hands of a girl who could really use it. Know someone like that? Or know a caretaker or doctor who could use it? Enter the giveaway by clicking HERE!

The giveaway will CLOSE Feb. 1st. You can enter daily until then!

I Came, I Pinned, I Did It Myself

Hey everyone! I’m not dead. I am definitely not pregnant, and my body is letting me know it big time, so I’ve been down for the count. I’ve also had a lot of freelance work come up, which is good financially but leaves little time for blogging.

I just wanted to pop in really quickly to tell you all about my “mini blog” I run on the side….sort of. I love cooking and crafts, and there are about a million blogs out there on these subjects that are WAY better than anything I could write. But I love trying out what I do find.

I’ve become a huge pinterest addict, and on my pinterest is a board that I keep as a sort of mini photo blog. Basically I try out ideas on pinterest and I make a little collage of photos showing my results – some good, some total failures. I include links to the good ones so you can try them too! Here’s a little sampling on some of the ideas I’ve tackled lately.

I did this shirt restyle today while I was having my oil changed.

a52a770362a7223218e4d0a7abd626dd Continue reading